Is It Possible To Quit Smoking With Hypnosis?

Smoking is probably one of the most harmful habits that is the easiest to start but the hardest to stop. Ask any person that smokes regularly and he or she will attest to this. 


Smoking is, unfortunately, a habit that alienates smokers from the rest of the society including their friends and loved ones.


Usually, smokers attempt to quit smoking for a few days, but the urge to smoke is too great that they usually revert to smoking in no time at all. This cycle of quitting and going back to smoking is quite frustrating, and smokers are always searching for the most effective method to quit smoking.


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Nicotine patches, nicotine chewing gum, quitting cold turkey, and many other methods have been suggested as possible methods to help people quit smoking.


However, the method that has made the greatest impact is hypnosis. Yes, it is possible to quit smoking with hypnosis.


You might not have heard about this because some very vocal opponents of this method have portrayed it as an ineffective method to help people quit smoking. However, several studies have shown that it is in fact quite effective at helping people quit smoking.


Hypnosis can help you quit smoking if you so wish regardless of how long you have been smoking or how much you smoke.


Everyone that has tried to quit smoking will tell you about the intense cravings, lethargy, and the mood swings associated with it.


With hypnosis, the hypnotherapist slowly takes you into a dreamlike state, and you will feel relaxed from head to toe. In such a state, a person is usually quite receptive to suggestions.


The hypnotherapist uses positive suggestions to help the patient cut down on his or her cigarette cravings. The reason for this is that after hypnosis, the person is usually in a relaxed state and thus feels less stress, and when you are less stressed, you will not get the urge to smoke.


The debate about whether hypnosis is effective in helping people to quit smoking has been ongoing particularly with regards to its effectiveness in the long run.


Some people believe that the patient can control his or her urge to smoke while under hypnosis but is unable to do so once the treatment is over.


However, hypnosis is still popular than ever all over the world, and it is helping people to stop smoking. In fact, you will find quite a few clinics that are dedicated to helping smokers quit smoking by use of hypnosis.


For instance, Indiana and Iowa have several of these clinics. In the UK too, hypnosis is a popular method to help people quit smoking.


Is it possible to quit smoking with hypnosis?


Yes. However, you should always remember that if you wish to quit smoking whether by hypnosis or by any other method, it is only possible to do so if you have the willpower to do so.


After all, nobody can quit smoking on your behalf.



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