All You Need To Know About Using Hypnosis To Quit Smoking

Smoking may still be viewed as a socially acceptable behavior; however, it can be addictive and can negatively affect a person's well-being.  Nowadays, there is the option of electronic cigarettes to reduce the impact smoking has on physical health but they also present with a form of dependency.  The most efficient alternative to smoking is to quit entirely.  Of course, this is not a simple task if you have enjoyed cigarettes for a long period, but it is possible using different treatments.  This article will provide information on using hypnosis to quit smoking.




What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a treatment where the patient will enter a state of trance-like consciousness.  In this state, the individual still has a grasp on reality but can focus on their surroundings and emotions more effectively.  Typically, people under hypnosis experience sensations of calm and it is this that allows them to be more attentive to memories, feelings, and thoughts without distraction.  As a therapy, hypnosis to quit smoking can help the individual focus on the addiction at hand and be more open to suggested plans of action.


What Is The Procedure For Hypnosis Therapy?

Two separate types of hypnosis will be discussed in this section: self-hypnosis and professional hypnosis.  The more common option for individuals with severe addiction is to consult with a professional hypnotherapist.  Under a professional's care, the patient will be placed in a hypnotic mind state and ideas will be shared as to how the patient's addiction may be combated.  It is essential that the treatment is discussed beforehand allowing the professional pinpoint the exact issue and develop a suitable plan of action.

While some individuals are very happy to contact trained hypnotherapists, there are those who prefer to approach the issue independently.  This person will have faith in using hypnosis to quit smoking but would rather use one's own motivation to overcome an addiction.  The self-hypnosis option is often more effective among mild addiction as compared to a severe addiction.



What Are The Benefits Of Using Hypnosis?

One of the immediate benefits to using hypnotherapy to quit smoking is the lowering of blood pressure.  When entering the hypnotic state, you will experience an immediate lowering of heart rate and blood pressure, necessary to feel calm.  From this point, the benefits are identical to those experienced when one quits smoking irrespective of the treatment used. 

In many success stories, the patient sees a reduction of carbon monoxide levels within one week.  In approximately three weeks, dependent on the severity of the addiction, lung functioning, and blood circulation improves in mainly all cases.

Within 1 to 5 years the risk of heart disease and lung cancer will be reduced by approximately 50%.

There are numerous types of therapies available for the treatment of smoking addiction ranging from the patch to hypnosis.  By using the information above one can make an informed decision as to whether or not hypnotherapy is the best option for one's particular needs.


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