How To Quit Smoking Hypnosis As An Answer

Quit Smoking & Be Free

According to the American Center for Disease Control, approximately six million people die annually from the effects of smoking. Smokers are more susceptible to conditions such as lung cancer, strokes, heart failure, diabetes and chronic bronchitis.


Smoking also causes an adverse impact on the lifestyles of those who are addicted to the nicotine content in cigarettes.


From shortness of breath to the amount that smokers spend on their habit smoking almost inevitably leads to issues that will affect how smokers approach their everyday lives.


Although most smokers know that several adverse outcomes are the result of their habit giving up smoking can be extremely challenging with many trying and failing to give up.


There are a variety of different ways that smokers can try to kick the habit, including nicotine patches, nicotine chewing gum, counseling and even nicotine lozenges that make giving up smoking easier. However, even with all these aids some smokers still struggle with what all agree is a highly unhealthy habit.


The difficulty seems to be that smoking supplies nicotine which causes physical dependency - but the psychological dependency of a smokers lifestyle causes just as many challenges when it comes to finally stopping smoking for good.


Smoking is more than just a physical addiction - it's an addictive lifestyle choice.


So many smokers are turning to alternative medicine and approach to get the help that they need to kick the habit. Many are now trying programs to help quit smoking hypnosis is one of these alternative methods.


Does hypnosis quit smoking help? There is some evidence to suggest that it just might.

The key to successful hypnosis seems to be relaxation.


The hypnosis process used by professionals relaxes the subject who is then much more open to suggestion - and ideas aimed at giving up smoking or providing alternative behaviors have shown a degree of success.


Hypnotherapists also suggest and describe the negative consequences of smoking to the subject - this could be loosely called a type of aversion therapy.


Often the hypnotherapy is also boosted by the hypnotherapist supplying a list of affirmations to the smoker that should be repeated when they feel an urge to light up.


Affirmations such as treating the body with respect and the fact that smoking has negative effects (including appeals to senses such as smell) will be used.


So when an individual wants to quit smoking hypnosis is certainly worth exploring - but does it work?

It seems to depend on the many different people; some estimates are around one in four just do not respond to hypnosis. And the effectiveness among those who do respond varies by individual.


It's worth noting that the American Cancer Society suggests that there is anecdotal evidence to indicate that hypnosis can help certain people.


Although medically robust and repeatable studies are thin on the ground hypnosis is certainly worth trying for those who have tried other approaches such as patches.


Any approach that may help people to give up one of the most damaging habits in the world is better than no approach at all.




If we look at the map below you'll see that Australia has the greatest interest in hypnosis to stop smoking.








Quit smoking now so your kids don't download smoking as one of their programs of behaviours.