Hypnotherapy For Smoking Reviews

I really wanted to quit for my children mostly. Not only have my children benefited from my
quitting but I have too. It's amazing just how healthy I feel and also much healthier I look.
People keep asking me what I have done because I look much better. I tell them?
I QUIT smoking. No more going outside in the heat or freezing cold to choke up my lungs.



Have to admit, I was skeptical. Didn't think that it would work. But IT DID. Now I am so proud of myself when someone offers me a cigarette, I say, NO thankyou I am a NON SMOKER.
Those words are so so sweet. Didn't think I would ever be able to say them and with confidence. Thanks again .



Tried everything, absolutely everything. Some thought that I was just going to be wasting
my money again.  WRONG!!! I am a person who USED to smoke. Why did I wait so long???? Thanks ...



Waited to long to do something about giving up smoking because I didn't think I was strong willed enough. This made it effortless. Social gatherings are no problem for me now
where they have been in the past when I have tried to give up.



I Quit and then I gave my wife a gift certificate for her birthday?and she has quit too!!
We now save all the money we would usually have spent on cigarettes and have booked an overseas holiday which we never thought we could afford. With the money we are saving from not buying cigarettes we realized we could have a fantastic holiday every year!



I am so thrilled to have finally quit smoking, never thought I could do it but it really is true that when you are ready to give something up?it's easy.  Thankyou so much .



All those years all that money up in smoke. My health has improved so much I feel like a new woman.  Thankyou for helping me to make my life so much better and happier.



I was very nervous, didn't know what to expect, but quickly felt right at ease.
 Very professional offices and you can see she likes what she does.  
Never had hypnosis before, very cool thing.  Went back to get my  weight under control
and have already lost 7.45kgs in 3 weeks.  My co-worker is now going for her weight as well.  
Stay tuned.  Thankyou.

update:  Have lost total of 27kgs and kept it off easily for over 12 months with hypnosis.  
No dieting. My life has changed so much, now in committed relationship and oosing with confidence, I am dangerous!  ha ha.. so very happy thankyou Julia -
oh, and in case you want to know I am not smoking either.

Roberto D - Jan 2013

 Mmm,  I live with smokers, work with smokers, socialise with smokers.  Put off quitting
because I thought I couldn't do it if I was around smokers all the time.  Woke up one day and
decided I had had enough of killing myself with cigarettes and burning money.
So I did this "hypnosis thing".  What can I say, I have never been healthier or happier. Being around other smokers doesn't bother me at all, it's strange but sometimes I feel like I never even smoked before. It was easy, now I just feel guilty because I didn't actually realise how much of my money had gone up in smoke. I could have paid cash for every car I bought on finance.  Still the next one will be paid with cash!!  Thanks Julia